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1/30/12 07:25 pm - sazza5989 - Where to go from here?

So I came out of a massively serious relationship just under a year ago, we were together for over 3 years, and i haven't really been looking to get in to anything at the moment. However i met this really nice guy a couple of months ago and we have been seeing each other regulary, in a couple of weeks it would be 3 months since we started. But i keep talking myself out of liking him and wanting anything to do with him. I like hanging out with him and being with him it just a part of me feels that i'm not ready and perhaps i shouldn't let myself get too comfortable as it won't work out as we're at different stages in our lives, i'm also going travelling for a couple of months in the summer and don't really want the restrictions of being in a relationship so i can mope about missing someone rather than fully enjoy myself and learn about myself. But another part of me just thinks this guy is pretty amazing, he makes me smile and laugh so much, i feel completley and utterly safe when im with him but i can't seem to fully let go and just give myself totally to him. (does this even make sense?)

On another note what makes it worse is that he's also getting out of a serious relationship and that freaks me out even more as i'm selfishly being like "im trying to deal with my own stuff yet alone being messed about by some guy who can't figure out his feeings- suppose that sounds really hippocriticial and it's probably the best solution for me right now.

I just don't know what to do really.

2/10/10 01:11 pm - ariawannbe - So how would you feel?

So if your boyfriend told you in the past that he loved you just as much as his ex wife, talks to other people in front of you about how good she is in bed, when she calls and tells him to break up with you he does, he looks at her pictures and comments on how beautiful she is, she threatens to kill you and he tells you to write her an apology letter, and says he will always love her would you think he still had feelings for her?

7/18/06 04:56 pm - coll22

What are our thoughts on the withdrawal method then?

3/21/06 09:47 am - randy_angel - Lots of comments, please!

Ok, here's a topic for discussion:


I am interested in getting lots of different view-points on this one. Obviously their main advantage over other forms of contraception is that they keep out STIs; but I am aware that a lot of people (men in particular) have issues with them.

Therefore I'd like you all to give me your point of view. Read la comments for mine.

2/19/06 11:06 pm - randy_angel - The question everybody wants to know the answer to...

What makes somebody good in bed?

And how do you know if you're pushing all the right buttons?

Discuss in depth.
At length.
It may be hard.
But am sure you'll all rise to the challenge.


1/31/06 12:48 am - randy_angel - How much is too much?

So at what point does somebody pass the point between having a healthy sex life and being a slut?

Is there a number of partners a person can have, after which they're just plain easy? Is this number different for men and women? Is it not so much how many people a person has had, but their attitude towards sex? Is it acceptable to shag around, so long as nobody gets hurt in the process?

1/19/06 12:34 pm - salaroo

What made your best sex ever the best sex?

1/16/06 12:03 pm - randy_angel - When it all goes horribly wrong...

Nice cheerful one to start the com off:

Ex Etiquette

How do you go about dealing with your ex's?
Is it possible to remain friends with an ex?
Why is it considered such a bad idea to continue sleeping with somebody post-breakup?
How do you go about moving on?
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